When not everyone likes you

Don’t go and bitch about it on Facebook

when not everyone likes you, be an adult. I guess this may be backward or forward

advice for kids

but obviously this phenomena of not everyone liking you happens to people of all ages

If I had a nickel for everyone who didn’t like me in my life…..

If I could hang up awards in jubilee for the amount of people who I inadvertently alienated in my life….

Awards aplenty all over the walls! They would be sparkling they would adorn they would commemorate a life that is most certainly not boring.

When it’s close to home, it is not fun-having someone not liking you and/or being alienated by you.

Hey, I think we all came into this life being alien to Earth until we got here of course.

Now we are human

After we are gone, are we still human?


And of course then, nary a mustering of upset over the ridiculousness of someone not liking you.

But in all nobleness, emblazon this for your very life while you live and thrive, to not give a ratatouille when someone doesn’t like you and/or keeps their distance from you.

It’s all right. Grant yourself permission to be completely you! The ones who don’t care for you can be tossed to the curb.

In the healthy non-actualized way, it IS all about you!

2 thoughts on “When not everyone likes you

  1. I agree. Impossible to be liked by everybody — and you have to think — do you even like that person? No? Then why do you want them to like you?


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