IMG_20190630_134052476_BURST000_COVER_TOP (2)Vasilika Vanya Marinkovic was born in Manhattan, NY, a first generation American, from Greek and Serbian parents. She grew up in Alaska where the snow, dark nights in the winter, bright lights of the summer, chasing wildlife and waterfalls truly honed in on her imagination.

Her satirical and writing skills came into play as her friends and siblings all helped to record “radio plays” together that were innovative, funny and true satire.

Some years later, “Vanya” interned in Washington D.C., where she got to see a glimpse of Nelson Mandela soon after his freeing of the chains of Apartheid. Vanya truly enjoyed interning for Senator Ted Stevens and out stayed all the interns so she could explore Washington D.C. to the fullest-where it was further discovered that satire/humor was her first love-not politics!

Vanya went on to live in Los Angeles for several years where she got a taste in background acting, working with the autistic and doing stand-in work for people like Sandra Bullock and more. She also professionally wrestled for a while as “Jacklyn Hyde” and did some musicals, after having developed a beautiful musical theater/opera voice through vocal coaching and study.

Vanya went through a plethora of training/seminars/schooling throughout the entire Los Angeles basin and beyond, even becoming a certified community access producer, where she wrote and produced dozens of cable access shows-including the infamous “Hart Group” and “The Pride S.F.V.”

Her wild ragtag group of people would always accompany her wherever she would go; Hollywood events to be crashed, cable access tapings and other important events/causes.

Vanya appeared in commercials, television shows and a number of short films. She also played “Creepella” and got to interview special effects artist, Howard Berger.

As she went back to Alaska for a time, the adventure did not stop in the entertainment field-besides gaining footing in the bureaucratic field of state/federal governments to round out her satire skills splendidly!

Vanya began by immersing herself in the L.A. Superior Court before she left L.A., then stepping foot back into Alaska, became immersed in many different aspects of court structure-both at the state and federal level, not to mention the other branches of state departments and government bodies. Such a learning experience, Vanya uses this knowledge in everything she does.

Back in Alaska for a stint-besides the bureaucracy, Vanya sang with the Anchorage Opera, appeared in local commercials, appeared in short films such as “Way Up North” and “Forgotten” and then even began to produce her own short films, such as “Opa” and “We’re not Married.”

Before leaving, she guest starred in one of Alaska’s reality shows, “Wild West Alaska.”

Onto Texas, Vanya created and got involved in a smorgasbord of entertainment, fully developing her own production company, “Secret World Entertainment” and putting out dozens of spec commercials for Best Foods Mayonnaise and Lindsays Olives. There were many tryouts for reality shows at this time and Vanya was a highly sought after force. Then she made a guest appearance not only as a chef-but also as a political analyst on Spike TV’s Frankenfood.

Onto other big cities, Vanya also most recently appeared on the Gameshow Network’s Snap Decision as a Stranger. And voiced Miss Piggy on the radio. Vanya is a writer who contributes to online product reviews, periodicals, governmental brackets and is a library presenter for Pima County and mentors children and teens.

Vanya has published many short stories and films and had a film accepted at the Bare Bones International Music and Film Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma.