Heartburn from Tea chamomile  (make sure you pronounce the third syllable as “mile”, because this is symbolic of potential miles with heartburn.

And the other culprit of the dastardly Heartburn in this tragic affair is none other than lemon ginger.

Ginger as though we cannot forget the female nature of its name its origin. Ginger. And so I ask of the embers of the night for mass forgiveness for I am a simple and hysterical fool with delusions of Grandiosity which Will encompass the Multiverse.

And this tea which haunts me, which doubled over under as weak Elixir. So weak in fact, I can rewind the hands of time eradicate every wretched mistake word(s) sentences paragraphs oratory of filth smut wretched brainwaves skeletons of a primal era; twas as recent as today.

Catapults rationalizations for the strongest weakest most wretched and time honored Elixir in human history. The Elixir to have men in ten thousand spaces places at once,  all to commit even more ludicrous foul words writings of smut for the world to see and hear or to ignore, cast away in Oblivion.

For this capital crime (Oblivion/Irrelevance) is what heartburn can be irrevocably blamed. Heartburns ghostly counterpart-Heartbreak, or can the tea not be to blame for ?

Words thoughts of smut and hell, it is all the same. The most foul wretches of Earth knowingly or unknowingly bask in primality, screaming as the animals we attempt to transcend from, making us mundane to the core.

I wish to sit in my cave forever, forget about forgiveness and betterment. To walk into the light of Enlightenment is a grave matter for some of us beasties inadvertently raised anti-blessed in primality, where words writings of smut take life from our thoughts.

For I cannot undue damage of banality in words sentences oratory of primality in the core.

Hauntings they are plenty and often times wars are forged to escape the primal burden.

This tea can haunt and it can taunt and it can beg for an awakening that is long overdue .  And I will bask in its celebration even bathe in it if you will.

The leaves do not matter save for whether it is night or day. For I shall follow upon this sweet Elixir, carry me away from heartburn of the busted tea bag and thoughts so vile and putrid, ten thousand angels stand in the Ready.

Ready to catapult me away from banality wretchedness filth and into Enlightenment .

3 thoughts on “HEARTBURN

  1. Wow! that’s a lot of responsibility for a humble bag of Chamomile Ginger tea. I love your vocabulary, how the words ricochet from idea to idea.


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