In the living mind 

Truth be told it upholds the husk 

Shallow remains when one is rooted solely to the soil the worm.

Admirable lifting of the spirit not necessarily on the horizon

Faith, the True non-judgmental variety holds first place in the specter of transcendence into Divinity Enlightenment.  Divinity. 

Buying living time transcending Intelligence. 

Never a dull moment. 

Quantum Science explains much to the layman the non-believer the fool.

Quantum psychology ever calling.  Calling shenanigans never to be started. 

As the stone of time 

Simply novelty for non-believers. 

Into the worms the decadence of shit for Atheists. 

Merry Christmas stuff your gullets your intestines. 

Hail to those that beleiveth in the immortality of the Thereafter 

Forget the fool that beats his chest. 

Shine chins eyes up and upon the stars and beyond 

A book review now old 

The Physics of Immortality 

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