Southwest airlines jokes! -enjoy

In order to combat overuse of tech devices and too much technology altogether, a panel of psychologists are now employing a new tool to encourage children to use their IMAGINATIONS to travel anywhere their hearts and minds desire.

Guess which airline is going to be copying this new business model?!?

– Southwest Airlines of course!

In forty two of the states, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, there is a new dating phenomena! Those looking for love will be playing musical chairs and having cocktails onboard airplanes- courtesy of Southwest Airlines! the only caveat will be that when a match is made, when they want to join the mile high club, they will have to go to another airline!

There is a famous company that would like to emphasize a classic appeal, by going back to the rotary phone and the city block sized computer!

-Guess which company this is?

-Southwest Airlines – dipshit!

Conservatives in border states have a renovating idea to continually building and enforcing the border wall; collect all the Southwest Airline airplanes and line and stack them up together!

Liberals in border states have a transformational idea about containing all the migrants- both in the states and waiting to get into the U.S. !

-House them in the Southwest Airline airplanes!

Disclaimer: on the migrants terrible situation segue-waying sequencing into the jokes. I possess mass compassion for migrants fleeing their respective countries and seeking a better, more humane life.

Further, I would not be here today if my parents had been unable to immigrate from their countries.

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