Wine dreams

I wish to have my own vineyards one day soon. During the pandemic, one very cherished wine became unavailable. I have searched high and low throughout the land and the internet and it is truly gone.

This white wine is delicious and a true cherishing delight! I normally highly prefer red vino. But make exception when I have seen this wine in my life. So it came as a true disappointment that during the pandemic, all its stores seemed to disappear, like the crescent of a rainbow after its time.

But the dream will prevail! I will bring this delicacy of a wine back to the world, I vow, I promise! It is my right. It is a gift unto the world that I shall bring back. Savor the taste, relish in its true and clean and healthy delight. You will fall in love. I promise. And one day soon, we will all, twenty one and over in the U.S. have that delicious golden elixir rolling on our tongue, our esophagus, down our throats, our lips still wet from the delight! And the relish that more is to come!

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