Review for the film, Parlor-a Film Fable

by Vasilika Vanya Marinkovic / Secret World Entertainment

Parlor-A Film Fable, a production from “A Parallel Society,” commits stunning imagery, and storytelling. Compelling and attention grabbing.

Ankur Chakravorty sets the stage for a look into “The Spider and the Fly”, by Mary Howitt. However, it is not merely metaphorical. Step inside Chakravorty’s world and you will feel immersed as the living embodiment of the characters. The female voice over for the poetry is from the ultra-talented Alpana Bhattacharyya. The male voice over none other than Chakravorty himself.

A bold statement kicks off the film from the acquaintance character, Harshima Sharma. She informs drawing such imminence as to create mystery and intrigue from the immediate onset. And draws us into the film, the fable of “Parlor” a Film Fable.

It is a great gesture to allow the audience to interplay anyone or anything as the spider and/or the fly. Whether this be the characters, the animals, the backdrop and items therein and the elevator! The mysterious Manjusha Bhardwaj weaves into our imaginations broken dreams but mystifying concepts as the possible victim to the fly or simply the muse.

Wow, and the ending conclusion-I fear to make spoilers! Pay attention and pray tell, listen to the ending, for most of life’s problems, struggles can be solved by the films conclusion the hearkening message.

In the final analysis, the ending seems to be a parable for life that can help people if they are open to the message.

The music for the film is beautiful. Designed it seems supply to draw you in and become part of the process of stunning work of a short film. Sung beautifully by Ace singer Sraboni Sen and composed by exceptionally multi-talented polymath, poet, musician, artist and Ayurveda-researcher, Rabindranath Tagore.

Lastly, I must say that the art work, the cinematography are spectacular, stunning, ovation worthy. I am in awe. Cheers to Ankur Chakravorty, Ankita Ganguly and Ravi Prakash for this!

The fine art by Chakravorty is a living embodiment of splendor unto itself which demands a separate review! Splendid, rich and lovingly enrichening. I know, that’s wordy, but this art bequeaths, the “picture is worth a thousand words”, it’s “a painting is worth a million words!”

Cheers to everyone involved in “Parlor-A Film Fable” for making this happen with a special emphasis on Ankur Chakravorty.

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