Now is the Time

I did not celebrate the Fourth of July this year. For many reasons. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the perks and greatness of living in the U.S. For many countries, it is too dangerous for women to live in-unless you are a kept woman spitting out babies and barefoot in the kitchen cooking meals all day long.

But that is not the kind of woman I am, nor have I been put on this planet to bring forth children.

I did not celebrate the Fourth of July, (Independence Day) due in large part to the Corona Virus restrictions and closures of most events. But truth be told, what is going on with this country right now is allowing me to reawaken all my passions for change.

The far right might accuse someone who wants change in the country of being a communist, but I must protest on several counts; one because this name calling is blatant, lazy and ridiculous. Two, because we need to protest-period. Wanting positive change in police and government and all citizens to be treated equally is not a communistic sentiment.

The constitution is obsolete. See-all its amendments. And although the amendments are good-for the most part, there are so many! Proof in the proverbial pudding that our constitution is obsolete. The U.S. governments needs an overhaul.

Having not celebrated Independence Day for many reasons, I recalled that I don’t often celebrate the holiday. For the U.S. sprang forth by blood of so many who were eradicated off these vast planes, were kept in chains, sold, treated so abhor ably and worked to the death, harboring into a current world of so many who are struggling so hard.

People who are not recognized and not considered equal under the eyes of the law, who in large part, continue to live in utter segregation, with their little ones growing up in very bad circumstances.

I did not celebrate the “holiday” due to all these concerns sweeping through my head-and now tenfold during this very troubled time in our history. Not only do we have African Americans who are suffering under the eyes of the law, the lawmakers of the land are under the tutelage and mandates of a rusty dusty government that just doesn’t work and definitely does not have the interest of the general American.

I don’t celebrate Independence Day because we have a broken medical system that lacks all compassion. Blatant example would be if one makes three million dollars a year, they will receive excellent medical care and if one makes under $30,000 dollars a year and/or nothing due to extraneous circumstances, either they will receive poor quality medical care and/or no medical care at all.

Poor quality medical care and 0 medical care equate quite possibly to a swift decline in respective individuals health and often times, untimely and unwarranted deaths.

Tangentially speaking, I divulge into our fauna. What the fireworks from the Fourth of July holiday and other holidays utilizing fireworks does to our pets, our wild life and our environment is a sad shame. Birds dropping out of the sky with heart attacks is another stab at our quickly dissipating animal life.

If we are to keep celebrating Independence Day and other holidays that require fireworks, we should be following in the footsteps of Italy and others who have adopted laser shows to emulate fireworks. It is better for our environment, it is better for our animals. It is saddening that over millennia, our animals are swiftly dying out. But if we have the power to slow this down even just a little, we need to take the necessary measures.

Speaking of the financial pressures of lower income Americans; As Americans making under a certain wage, struggle to make ends meet sometimes working multiple jobs, I mourn the loss of time for everyone that is struggling, everyone that does not get to enjoy most of their hours at home, with their children, families, spouses, loved ones, friends and that they are not working on their true passions; much of what might entail wishing to change this country for the better.

Conservatives and fascists have it wrong. We that want change in this country and see peaceful protests as a positive thing, are not anti-American. We are not communists. America was never great-for everyone. It is a great concept. But we merely have a representative democracy and the resultant authoritarian government.

We that want positive change in this country want to make America wonderful for the first time and generally safe to live in for all its citizens, not just white people. 

Touching once again on the grossly outdated constitution, one must realize that this document was written and enacted by people living in a very antiquated life and time. A much smaller population, women that were basically chattel/cattle-especially the lower classes and of course, African Americans and also other races that weren’t white, were held in complete disregard by this document, the constitution.

Imagine if you would, taking the “founders” and thrusting them into our present time here in 2020. These men would barely grasp our society. Surely, they may even detest it and be appalled at the change that has taken place over time. But not just the change in our infrastructure, our environment, our technology, many of these men from 1776 would greatly scowl down upon the measures of freedom that have been enacted upon women, people of varying races not Caucasian and of course, many of these men would look very gravely upon the fact that most African Americans, barring human trafficking and other tragic and unforeseen circumstances, have a general free reign as to their destinies and that they are generally free from the longitudinal effects of slavery.

During this time of vast change in the U.S., protests, pandemic, and struggles for equality, I’ve seen and experienced Black Lives Matter and the protests as a cataclysm for change. Allow the catharsis.

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