Saints R Us

It’s good to be good however so been on the track those terrible train track of believing bad is good

dare to be stupid dare to be bold and good

Turn to the Righteous path and preferably it is the Enlightenment and true meaning of our bastardized wordage and not a skewed perception of


It is quite Possible Dahmer felt the shrouds of enlightenment by his own book and word

We never know how our fellow man experiences anything

we are forever living a facade of life

To choose to follow and emulate Sainthood and embody the actual inner working of goodness as it marks humans for comfort and tranquility

is Supreme


6 thoughts on “Saints R Us

      1. i think we expect certain images and when people throw unexpected couplings at us, the mind is pushed out of it’s normal grooves. Your writing does that. I think that’s a good thing. It’s unexpected, not comfortable reading but not everything should be.


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