Clowns in the Air-Airlines

Vasilika Vanya Marinkovic                                     READERS THEATER for teens   Characters-Narrator I / Narrator II / Joni / Ricky / Mr. Richter / Mrs. Richter / Bruschetta the Clown / Grubby the Clown / Annoyed Man   NARRATOR I A new clown airline got broadcast all over the news. The name of this new airline was “Clown […]

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Vasilika Vanya Marinkovic                                                   Readers Theater for Teens Characters-Clerk of Court / Narrator / Annie Reelan Suffrage / Chicken Marsala Restaurant Victim #1 / Judge Cooper / James C. Lovett Jr. III / Chicken Marsala Restaurant Victim #2 /   CLERK OF COURT All rise!   NARRATOR The entire courtroom of people stood for the judge, […]


Out of The Wild

OUT OF THE WILD – EPISODE 1   A tiger a bear and a baboon all went to the mall. They donned touristy type attire to try to blend in better.   “Ha, ha!” Burst out the tiger, “Greeneldo”   “That teenage girl really wants it from the back side. It’s quite obvious from her […]

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Heartburn from Tea chamomile  (make sure you pronounce the third syllable as “mile”, because this is symbolic of potential miles with heartburn. And the other culprit of the dastardly Heartburn in this tragic affair is none other than lemon ginger. Ginger as though we cannot forget the female nature of its name its origin. Ginger. […]


When not everyone likes you

Don’t go and bitch about it on Facebook when not everyone likes you, be an adult. I guess this may be backward or forward advice for kids but obviously this phenomena of not everyone liking you happens to people of all ages If I had a nickel for everyone who didn’t like me in my […]

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In the living mind  Truth be told it upholds the husk  Shallow remains when one is rooted solely to the soil the worm. Admirable lifting of the spirit not necessarily on the horizon Faith, the True non-judgmental variety holds first place in the specter of transcendence into Divinity Enlightenment.  Divinity.  Buying living time transcending Intelligence.  […]

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O Lord

For Art Thou Cruelty Turn the Blind Eye Think of her flittered to Heaven Run amok in grand timing and delight and fight this writer’s block to the Death

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